The memoirs of Rahul Dravid

Surprise! I’m writing a blog, Rahul Dravid has mentally forced me to do so. Surprise! This is not about one of his centuries or double centuries, of which he has many. Surprise! This is one on his innings which I didn’t watch, and don’t regret missing it.

It was 2004. Team India went to Pakistan after a long time to play Cricket. So much of excitement, you can understand. Team India starts the tour on a winning note. But soon this excitement starts fading, as Team India lost 2 games after winning the first one.

It was fourth game of the tour. A must win one. Team India had a good start chasing 293. But soon it seemed over. Rahul Dravid and Md. Kaif was batting. India was 162/5. All of us proceeded to sleep, hopelessly.

Next morning, I was going to school. Tired, not physically, but mentally. I didn’t even dared to pick up newspaper and read its sports page, what I used to do daily those days, knowing India had lost the match and the series. My friend picked it up and delightedly told me that India has won. I replied “Don’t joke now. My mood is very bad.” Then he gave me the newspaper. I can never forget that moment. I read it again and again to confirm that I was not dreaming. I even checked if it is really newspaper. India had won the match with 5 overs remaining without any further loss.

At the end of the series, as you may remember, India had won not only that series, but test series too, in which Rahul Dravid had contributed with his highest ever international score.

They say that The Great Wall of China is visible from The Moon, but I’m sure that The Wall is visible from every Moon of every Earth of every Sun.

In short, Wall left.